Ministry of Culture of Russia

Ministry of Culture of Russia

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Justice portal in the field of culture
Information-reference database of normative documents on crops.

The portal is a constantly updated database of normative documents of the cultural sector. The search system created on the portal allows you to quickly find the information you need on the chosen criterion and to provide information about new regulatory documents. The portal contains the Legislator of legal acts, including the following sections: General issues of the cultural sector, Cultural heritage, Art, Television.

Culture RF
Free movies, performances online.

Free movies, performances online.
Audiobooks, lectures.
Live broadcasts of cultural events from all over Russia.
It's interesting about culture.

  1. More than 1500 movies online
  2. More than 300 concerts online
  3. More than 800 video playlists
  4. More than 400 images of Russia
  5. More than 300 virtual museums
  6. More than 1000 lectures online
  7. More than 600 books in ePub format.
  8. Special Projects
  9. News in the world of culture


The Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum -
The official website of the Moscow Kremlin: history and monuments, tours, exhibitions and concerts in the Kremlin.

The Kremlin is not just a museum, but a group of museums.

The site will help you navigate and determine exactly what you are most interested in visiting.
You can see the exhibitions calendar, buy tickets.

And material. Not every day we are in Moscow, but here you can see something in the photo and video.

In short, this is the official and full-fledged site of the Moscow Kremlin.