Ph4 / USA / Los Angeles

Ph4 / USA / Los Angeles

The Oatmeal -
Some of the finest comics that you would probably find on the internet.


Some of the finest comics that you would probably find on the internet.

tel.: +41 22 869 12 12
Stars and Internet.


Beta version of the social network for world leaders - World Economic Leaders Community (WELCOM).

Thanks A social network developed with the participation of Adobe, British Telecom and Microsoft, partners and members of the Forum will be able to discuss in the virtual space the full range of issues traditionally submitted for consideration.

WELCOM will allow its participants to videoconference, exchange documents and work together on Them, to hold discussions on various issues, including in the format of discussion groups with little access. The results of the joint work can be published in a section accessible to the general public. The social network of the world political and economic elite will also provide its users with the usual opportunities for social networks, such as the publication of personal data, information about education and workplaces, the exchange of personal Messages, etc.

According to the head of the information and analytical service of the IPU UNESCO Information for All, Evgeny Altovsky, WELCOM, of course, will not be the place where Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama They will discuss the problems of non-proliferation of nuclear technologies, and the prime ministers of the exporting countries and oil-consuming countries agree on a fair price for "black gold." Rather, the social network of the world's political and economic elite is a tribute to fashion, Altovsky - and all the participation of the powerful in this work will be limited to "demonstrative speeches", after which WELCOM will be used by their assistants to discuss the agenda of the next Forum and to post on behalf of their patrons the information that it E will seriously damage their interests in case of inevitable leakage.

In any case, personal e-mail addresses and photos made by presidents and prime ministers during the vacation in WELCOM should not be exactly searched for.

The automatic meal planner -
Create meal plans to achieve our nutritional goals.


Create meal plans to achieve our nutritional goals.
Let's say you would like to sit on a certain diet, but you are not suitable for one thing or another, based on your work, lifestyle ...
On this site you can adjust the diet to your requirements, your conditions and features .

Death to the Stock Photo -
Monthly free photos to you on the mail.


Monthly free photos to you on the mail.

PureWave -

Router Passwords Community Database -
The largest database of official passwords and logins of routers.


The largest database of official passwords and logins of routers.
Select the brand, click Find password and get a list of models with login and password, which is installed on the device initially.

b2evolution -
address: North America b2evolution Group c/o EVO FACTORY L.A. PO Box 515381 #19710, CA, 90051-6681
tel.: +1 (424) 256-17-10
Blog-script showing multiple blogs, categories/subcategories, skins, search function, many languages, search engines for friendly URLs.


Blog-script showing multiple blogs, categories/subcategories, skins, search function, many languages, search engines for friendly URLs.

University of Connecticut -

Web 2.0 Suicide Machine -
In a couple of clicks to cancel your account in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Myspace over IP.


In a couple of clicks, we delete your account on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Myspace by IP.

The site clearly shows that in normal mode, the account removal takes 9 and a half hours, through this service - 52 minutes.

If you are sick of all sociality or critically do not have enough time for ordinary life - go ahead. -
address: 11845 W Olympic Blvd, Suite 1100, 90064
tel.: +1 (800) 778-40-55
1Gb is free, however, you can buy as much 1Tb!

Wikidot -
Sukhoi Superjet 100.

Jitsi -
Internet telephony and chat.


Internet telephony and chat.
The project is executed in Java with open source code.

The program also allows making video calls and provides file transfer. There is a possibility to transfer images from the screen.

  • Platforms: web, Android, iOS.
  • Screen demonstration.
  • The number of participants is limited only by server and line load.
  • Conference recording.
  • Function of sending files: no.
  • Support service.

Joshworth -


The site presents the planets of the solar system in proportion to the size.
The speed of light is also demonstrated.
The Russian language presence.
Yes, our solar system is large.

5 second films -
address: 8033 Sunset Blvd, CA 90046
A short video.


In our time no one has time to study everything and everywhere.
At the dawn of mass Internet use, blogs were popular, where anyone could write anything and any amount. That's only who will read it?
That's why they came up with Twitter (short - the sister of talent) - keep in SMS or we will not read you.
Today 5 minutes of video have become long. You wait 5 minutes, but still there is no decent final.
You give rollers for 5 seconds! Here at that time we will find.

Yale University -
tel.: +1 (203) 432-23-00
Open courses at the University of Yelsk.


Open courses at the University of Yelsk. Lectures on astronomy, psychology, physics, English, philosophy, political science and religious studies.

FitDay -
Diet or lose weight.


FitDay allows you to track you diet and weight loss through your journal.
A personal nutritionist and free articles about nutrition and weight loss on the site.

University of Sydney -

DoItYourself -
A website for geeks created for geeks.


Leading an independent assistant in the arrangement of the house and repair.
Repeatedly got on the list "One of the 50 best in the world" according to the magazine Time.
The site covers a variety of topics, as well as a well-functioning forum where we help each other advice, or we ask for advice.

Eslpod -
Podcasts in English.


Podcasts are in plain American. This is international English, which differs from what is taught in schools and universities.
They study British English in universities, the dialect spoken by the queen.

Podcasts are not artisanal, recorded through a microphone from a web camera. Obviously, a good microphone was used, a well-prepared text, a good announcer, who not only has a good diction, but also reads expressively, separating every word so that foreigners can understand it.

Match -
address: P.O. Box 25472, Texas 75225
The best for constructive relationships.


The best for constructive relationships.
The world's largest online dating community.
The search for a life partner or just a friend to communicate.
~35 million users.
Coverage - 25 countries.
Objective: to help single people find the relationship they need.

Requirements: users must be 18 years old and unmarried.

Free features

View user profiles and the ability to receive messages from users.
From time to time you can try paid services, but only for a while.

Tripster -
tel.: +7 (499) 917-02-01

Convenient multimedia card, description, comments, advice on routes.


Convenient multimedia Maps, with descriptions, comments, recommendations on routes that can not be used when traveling - just unreasonable!

Travel - an integral part of the life of any person. And international travel is also an occasion to see a lot of new things, to boast of your friends and just get a lot of new impressions. Sometimes it is difficult to find an optimized route. In this difficult issue will help the card. A better multimedia card. This is exactly the solution for this task, and the Tripster service is called "travel on the map."

This, almost unique, service provides you with a full set of tools for determining the route of a future trip or tour, thanks to the use of Google Maps. Implemented on the basis of state-of-the-art technologies, including AJAX, this site quickly works with large data sets, including with scalable multimedia Maps, which provides the user with many new functions. One of the interesting features is, for example, the creation of a travel history. It is also useful that, for example, if you are aiming at a city, you will get information about it and see how many users of the service have already visited, read their reviews, their recommended routes and much more.

Republic of Tatarstan -
Official portal of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Vitamin-atlas -
Interactive guide to food and the human body.


An interactive guide to nutrition and the human body.
In fact, this is an information site about vitamins and our body. We know little about this and the site helps to fill this gap.
A little text, large pictorial pictures, is easily perceived. That is, the information is not as in reference books, for professors, but for teapots, for us with you! :)

To understand what to look for on the site, here's an example list:

  1. Vitamins
  2. DNA system
  3. Vitamin calculator
  4. Fruits and vitamins
  5. Sweet and vitamins
  6. Nutrition and vitamins
  7. Useful vitamins

Musopen -
address: 5227 Shirley Ave., CA 91356
Classical music online.


The site saves copyright from classical music (notes, records and Lessonbooks) to sleep quietly under the sounds of legally downloaded Beethoven.

The site has radio-classical pieces playing one after another in a random order.
Downloadable music sc

Pensiamarket -
tel.: +7 (495) 495-28-25


The resource is intended for people who are looking for optimal options for using pension services.

The main product is a pension navigator for connecting to compulsory pension insurance services and non-state pension provision (NGO). It allows site visitors to pick up a non-government pension fund or a management company in the desired region by various parameters and leave an application for the connection of the selected service. The site is primarily intended for people who are looking for optimal options for using pension services that are interesting both theoretical, And practical issues of the existing instruments of pension reform. Our portal allows you to easily navigate the Russia's pension market and in today's offers, choose the most optimal investment options for your future pension.

University of Southern California -

The Sun -
address: 1, Bridge Street, SE1 9GF

Photoshop Tutorials -
A good place to learn something about editing photos.


A good place to learn something about editing photos. Photoshop lessons, a wide range of tips, tricks and free downloads are all related to the art of post-processing.

HTML5 Gallery -
Gallery of design fragments for the site in HTML5.


Gallery of design fragments for the site in HTML5.

Frequency -
address: Frequency Networks, Inc., 1800 Vine Street, CA 90008
TV + YouTube.


Of the YouTube videos created non-sprying broadcast, a kind of television, look, until you get bored.
Of course, there are online things to keep, share.
And non-Internet - switch the channel.

gFeeder -
A small pribluda, which allows at a glance to understand what else you are concerned about.

GotMailG -
Mac-widget, shows the number of unread messages in the Inbox.

SourceForge -
Modules in XML format.

GBooks -
Turns a Gmail account into a bookmark server.

Gmail Music -
Saves your MP3 in the Gmail box and plays them on your computer.

PhpGmailDrive -
Retrieves the list of attachments from the account on Gmail and allows them to be published on a website or blog so that anyone can download them.

Sina Weibo -
Social microblogging site in China.

Sources -

Myspace -
address: Myspace LLC, Attn: Customer Care - Privacy, 6100 Center Dr., Ste 800, California 90045
The leading music social network.


The founders of the portal are Tom Anderson and Chris Deval.

Created in 2003. Since the beginning of 2008, Russified.

  1. Communities of film enthusiasts and photographers, but the "face" of the portal are musicians.
  2. The biggest party of music lovers and musicians of all levels and directions, from star to housewife.
  3. A ready-made template for a business card of a music group and a way to unwind, along with the possibilities of creating fan blogs. Fast, simple, affordable.
  4. A real alternative to show business, when a listener could buy only a whole album at a fixed price and with a choice only from what the producers of record companies deigned to pay attention to.
  5. It is enough to have a broadband connection to the Network, and everything will play itself. And the author of the page can allow you to download music to your computer (this is how amateur musicians do) or just listen.

ModCloth -
tel.: +1 (888) 495-96-99
Create your own handwritten text.


American online store. A distinctive feature is that indies and vintage items from around the world are sold here.
But also here you can buy and ordinary clothes, shoes, bags and something for the house.

You liked the vintage dress, but how will it

UX Magazine -
A free community resource that studies all aspects and design experience.


A free community resource that studies all aspects and design experience. Cooperates with practitioners and industry leaders who are versed in all areas of UX to ensure a constant flow of interesting and useful content.

Honey -
Automatically applies the best coupons when you select something on the site in the shopping cart.


Automatically applies the most beneficial coupons when you select something on the store's website in the shopping cart.

Ovulyaciyatut -
Tips and solving problems with ovulation.


Tips and solving problems with ovulation.

The site will offer.

  1. Calculate Ovulation date online!
  2. Calculate the date of delivery online!
  3. Forecasting the sex of the child and the personal ovulation calendar by months.
  4. Personal weekly

The Fab Web -
A good base of art photos in high resolution, which can be downloaded for free.

Virgilio -

Los Angeles Times -