Ph4 / Russia / Chelyabinsk

Ph4 / Russia / Chelyabinsk

1dnevnik -
address: 454048, ул. Энтузиастов, 11 б, офис 401
Blog online, parents can keep an eye on the child's academic performance.


Diary online.
Parents will be able to monitor the progress of the child: for his schedule of classes, homework, grades, and communicate online with teachers and school administrators.
Electronic diaries and magazines are much like ordinary, just watching They are now possible from anywhere in the world in which there is Internet. This resource unites in itself a network of general education and specialized schools from different parts of the Russian Federation and the CIS, in which teachers and parents care about the fate of students.


  • advanced testing system for students and their parents;
  • publish a schedule for each class;
  • the ability to specify your own name and class description;
  • publication of information about the school;
  • keeping a student's diary;
  • rating;
  • recording homework;
  • accounting truancy and remarks;
  • SMS-notification of parents;
  • email notification to parents.
The offered services are paid. You can pay for electronic diary services by SMS or in the indicated payment terminals.

Vibirai -
address: 454006, ул. Свободы, д. 2, корп. 5
tel.: +7 (351) 247-11-11
Guide to the entertainment of large cities.


Guide to the entertainment of large cities.

Detailed poster, announcements of interesting events, cinema schedule, book and film reviews, reviews and examinations of new and popular services, photo and video reports from the most notable city events, draws of theater and cinema tickets, feedback from living people about the city’s companies and many more interesting things.

address: 454000, ул. Кирова 159, офис 1105а
Games on HTML5.


Welcome aboard, Captain!

The team is ready to sail and is just waiting for your order to go in search of precious stones and exciting adventures!

Look for old maps and, following their instructions, go through fascinating levels and logic puzzles in the genre of three in a row to find untold riches.


  1. stunning beauty graphics;
  2. great music and rich sounds;
  3. your friends who will try to get around you on the path to wealth;
  4. favorite genre 3 in a row;
  5. thousands and thousands of exciting levels;
  6. desperate team of sea wolves;
  7. and, of course, precious stones and TREASURES!
Give off the moorings! Raise the sails!

Velochel -
Cycling in Chelyabinsk. News, events, forum.

Chelyabinsk -
address: 18 км от центра г. Челябинск
tel.: +7 (351) 778-38-88

Chelyabinsk region -
Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region.

Chelyabinsk region -
Official site of the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region.

Chelyabinsk region -