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Colorize -
Automatically paints black and white photos.


Automatically paints black and white photos.

How it works

  1. Specify a photo on a computer or a link online;
  2. then enter your email;
  3. Get an email with a color version of the photo.
They promise a processing speed of 30 seconds to several hours.

In this case, it was very fast, but email got into spam.

Quality in the style of an old pale photo. Not everyone will like it, but overall not bad.Авторы считают, что аудиокниги должны быть бесплатными.
При этом они не желают нарушать существующее законодательство об авторских правах. Посему все содержание, хранящееся на сайте и доступный пользователям для загрузки, относится к категории Public Domain.
В общем, это не так уж и плохо, особенно для тех, кто решил восполнить свои пробелы в классической литературе.
В каталоге ресурса имеются книги на разных языках и в том числе и на русском – Пушкин, Достоевский, Тургенев и т.п.

Предусмотрена сортировка по жанрам и языкам.
Каждое из произведений снабжено аннотацией, ссылками на статьи в «Википедии» и тексты в «Библиотеке Гуттенберга», фрагментом записи в качестве превью и может быть загружено либо в формате MP3, либо в виде подкаста для iTunes.
Authors believe that audiobooks should be free.
Moreover, they do not want to violate existing copyright laws. Therefore, all content stored on the site and available to users for downloading, belongs to the category Public Domain.
In general, this is not so bad, especially for those who decided to fill their gaps in the classical literature.
In the resource catalog there are books in different languages ​​and including Russian - Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Turgenev, etc.

Sorting by genres and languages ​​is provided.
Each of the pieces is provided with an annotation, links to articles in Wikipedia and texts in the Gutenberg Library, a fragment of the record as a preview and can be downloaded either in MP3 format or as a podcast for iTunes.

Online Encryption Tool -
Modular online encoding, encryption and conversion tool.


Modular online encoding, encryption and conversion tool. Web app that encodes, decodes, encrypts, decrypts, converts, translates, simulates and views content online offering a variety of ciphers, formats, algorithms and methods.

Euro DNS -
tel.: +352 263 72-52-00, 352 263 725 250
National domains.


Registrar of European domains. - registrar of Asian domains.

National Domains only 243, According to the number of 2-letter codes of countries and territories in accordance with the international standard ISO 3166-1

Domain .TV was used as an international one.
the Head of the country has concluded the corresponding contract with the Canadian businessman.
However, domain ownership remains for the country.

Domain registration

  1. Closed registration, only for citizens are strange.

  2. Open Registration, for all comers, only pay.

There are countries, for example, Ukraine, Israel, Japan, Mexico ... which allow you to register only domains of the 2nd level, .ORG.UA, .CO.JP.
Level 1 domain can only be purchased by organizations that have an officially registered corresponding company name.

This was the country of Great Britain. Now in the UK, the registration of domains of the 1st level is open.
But if you have a domain in the .CO.UK zone, the corresponding domain name is stored for free in the .UK zone.

If you do not use the 1st-level domain reserved for you for 5 years, It can be registered by anyone.

Special Registration

They are increasingly trying to earn money by selling domains, so they create new domain zones, open a registration for foreigners.

Registration of 2-character domains.
Not every country allows you to buy a 2-character domain.
If they allow you to buy, it's very expensive.
So only leading portals can buy, like

  1. VK -
  2. Classmates -
  3. Yandex -
  4. -
Today it became a rule to sell "beautiful names" in tripod. These are usually short successful words for this domain zone.

However, it is better to come up with a unique name, create a new word, like Google, Yahu or Yandex.

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