Ph4 / Spain / Madrid

Ph4 / Spain / Madrid

Geacron -
World history on the map.


Choose a year to get a world map for that year of history, you can scroll by year.

At the bottom of the map, you can select a number of years, click the play and just watch the world map change. You can turn on the playlist in ascending or descending order.

There is a search for cities or events. There is a time scale (Go To TimeLine) with significant events in the history.

You can take a link (from the LINK form field) and share a map of a certain year.

Spain -
address: Santa Engracia 76, 28010
tel.: +34 91 123 1212
Sociedad Bíblica de España.

Zity -
address: Calle Albarracín 44, 28037
tel.: +34 911 50 11 18

Respiro -
address: Paseo Marqués de Monistrol 7, 3 Dcha. 28011
tel.: +34 918 29 58 89

Tuenti -
address: Gran Vía, 28
Spain Students.