Ph4 / Switzerland / Zug

Ph4 / Switzerland / Zug

The neural network cleans up background noise


The neural network cleans up background noise. It is aimed at the conversational genre, therefore it highlights the voices.
Knows how to separate voice and instrumental part.

We can only determine the level of filtration - soft, normal or aggress

TV program on SPB TV -
address: Baarerstrasse 10, 6304
tel.: +41 41 729 39 46
Very simple and convenient TV program as described in the tips.


Television and movie theater online.


A very simple and convenient TV program with a description in the tips.
Convenience is that immediately the selected TV channel can be watched.

Disadvantage - the TV program only on the TV channels that are presented on the site, but any TV channel from the program can be immediately watched.

The site features leading domestic TV channels and only a few foreign ones. Only about a hundred. For most users, these channels are enough.

Advantages: - quality, stability of the stream, simple, intuitive, convenient, stylish interface, accessibility to the browser and on the mobile.


Most recently, the ability to watch movies online has been added. Because so far very little. But everything is neat and incredible quality. Most of the online movie the picture barely soul in the body or in the butt. I really liked it here.