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List of social networks

This is not a complete list of social networks.
Again and again people create social networks.

 Likealittle - Anonymous social networking.

 Odnoklassniki - Social network in Russia #2


 OneWorldTV - The solution of social problems, ecology.

 Remember About - Social network for dead people, 'Remember the Pro'.

 Care2 - Social network of green activists.

 CaringBridge - Wait for me, it is worth understanding.


 NektoMe - Anonymous social network. Communication without a name and gender, you can open your data if necessary.

 Ello - The new global, commercial-free, with the possibility of using pseudonyms.

 Cheloveche - Alternative Social Network. Her feature - the user in the designer creates his character avatar.


 Ibibo - We are looking for talent, a social network popular in India.

 Lafango - We are looking for talent.

 Unknown genius - The social network for creative people to artists, musicians, literary critics, photographers and other professions.

 Stage 32 - US-based social networking and educational site for creative professionals in the film, television and theater.

 Taltopia - Internet artists.

 Kroogi - If you have the gift of the writer, musician, artistic bent or have a professional: publish their works, sell and buy their works of other members of the 'many do not mind'

 deviantART - The social network of artists.

 We Heart It - Image-based social network focused on inspiration, expression and creativity.


 License plate - Social network motorists.

 drivetribe - Website motorists with an emphasis on video.

 Gusto - Place, uniting travelers based on their lifestyle (expressed in preferences), a wealth of information. - Portal motorists, HGV, blogs, photos, find like-minded people.

 Autokadabra - Social network motorists. - Owners of cars, write articles, create threads about cars, the question about cars, publish their test drives.

 Voice of the road - Communication service road.


 Social network for cyclists - You can find out all about bikes of the articles or through communication.


 Vox - Blogging.

 Open Diary - Blog platform since 1998.

 Fuelmyblog - Blogs community.

 Xanga - General.

 QIP - Blogs online social network of RBC.

 LiveUkraine - Blogging social network that unites many people whose lives and interests are somehow connected with Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and many other countries, that despite all the problems of life - still together.

Book lovers

 Wattpad - Authors and readers exchange electronic books.

 Authors Products Reviews - One of the largest sites in Russian devoted to poetry.

 weRead - Book lovers.

 Goodreads - bibliophiles Network.

 aNobii - Book social network.

 Bookish - Book Network.

 My library - Social network for those who love to read.

 Bisona - Opportunities for text, post photos, illustrations, personal communication, promotion of their own creativity.

 LibraryThing - The community of book lovers.

 BookCrossing - Sharing books is carried out as follows: someone leaves a book in a public place, to have it and read the others and then do the same. BookCrossing - the same process online.

 Bookmix - Reviews of books and reviews, get your personal library to add and communicate in groups of interest, share their opinions with others.

 Elftown - The truth is somewhere nearby or social sphere for fans of science fiction.

 LiveLib - Lovers read or write books, this site can help you.

 Reading-room - Literary social net. Community for fans of Russian language and poetry.


 Random Website - We are looking at a random site.

 Surfingbird - Our analogue for English StumbleUpon.
The main difference is here mostly sites in Russian, there in English.

 StumbleUpon - Leading website in the web surfing world.

 Delicious - Social zakladochki.


 Friendica - Open source software that implements a distributed social network.

 Pligg - CMS for social networks.

 LiveStreet CMS - CMS for social networks.


 SocialVibe - Social network for charity.

 Planet - Russian crowdfunding - invest in ideas, if the project will collect the required amount, it will be implemented.


 Faith book - Christian social networking.

 Elitsy - Christian social networking.


 StateBook - Social network for civil servants: professional groups, by the nature of the society classes, news, events, blogs.

 Duma network - Closed gay deputies of all levels - a tool of interaction between deputies of all levels and experts. Ordinary users will be able to evaluate the initiative only in read mode.

 GovLoop - Officials and politicians.

 aSmallWorld - European cream of society. - Business social network of top managers and executives of different levels.

 Avocado - Social network for two for lovers. No add friends, but a full-fledged social network.

 ResearchGate - Social network for scientists.

 JD - The network for artists.

 Couple - For couples.

 Elixio - Business executives Jet Set and the world's elite.

 The Netropolitan Club - Closed social network for the rich.

Closing accounts

 Log if i die - Will on Facebook.

 Just delete me - Close the account. - We delete your accounts everywhere.

 Facebook - Close the account.

 VK - Close the account.

 My world - Close the account.

 Odnoklassniki - Delete the account from classmates.

 Twitter - Close the account.

 Google - Close the account.

 Suicide machine - In a couple of clicks to cancel your account in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Myspace over IP.

 Account killer - Close the account.


 World is me - Network for a comfortable communicating with intense communication and user-friendly controls.

 Folkdirect - General.

 Fubar - for adult dating.

 WorldFriends - General.

 Maxpark - Social network.

 Megamix - Social network.

 Taringa! - General.

 Yookos - General information: photos, videos, blogs and games.

 Hi - Multifunctional service for communication.

 Monamour - Dating for marriage.

 Hey - Search neighbors interests.

 Dudu - Multilingual social network, users can communicate with each other without worrying about language companion thanks to integrated translator.

 Fruhstuckstreff - Non-political, non-profit, non-religious, without membership in the group organization.

 HR - eychary - Social network.

 BigTent - The goal - clustering. - General.

 Turometr - The social network of travel, real people who have been on vacation, travel reports, pictures, video recreation. Travel agencies. Prices.

 InterNations - Targeting international.

 My love - Russian social network of acquaintances.

 Twoo - Social platform local dating. - Dating profiles. The opportunity to participate in a beauty contest, with the rating.

 Kiwibox - General.

 Podium.Life - For models, stylists, fashion lovers. News about fashion, a lot of blogs, photos of participants. - Something like a loudspeaker, in which you can scream all you want, including pictures, videos and messages.

 Classmates - School, university, army, work - generally classmates.

 Stickam - Live - video and chat.

 RuSpace - Russian social network for communication.

 Nirvana.FM - Social Network - Dating Club, video, blogs, humor, entertainment, flea market, kiberdisk, blogs and many other interesting topics.

 Flirchi - Social network for active communication.

 With friends - Social network.

 Remember - Remember the old friends of the fellow countrymen, look for new friends, new people with the same interests. Upload photos and videos.

 MEETin - Social network.

 Meetup - Social network.

 OwOhHo - Social network with the ability to search for classmates, co-workers and loving. - Create a page on Internet, to make friends.


 Skout - Social network of acquaintances with geolocation. The goal is to get to know someone nearby so that you can meet if you want.


 Ask - Any questions you can ask and get answers to them. The question can ask anonymously. There is a mobile interface.

 Methodists - The social network of teachers.


 Surfory - Give half their income users. Alternative social network that brings together all the best features of Internet services, such as VK, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Tumblr and LiveJournal.

 Panjea - Social network with the economy. It offers several ways to get money for their creative work. There is a unique scoring system.

 Galaktikka - Part of the project income is distributed between the active and interesting authors and communities, encouraging them to create even more high-quality news, interesting articles, photos and videos.

 tsū - Social programs, which pay for posts, in terms of attendance posts.

 Webtransfer - Loans and microcredits. You can earn money in giving loans, international network.


 F.Gid - Social network about fishing.

 Fishing line - The most interesting and useful about fishing in Russia.

 Fish-hook - Social network for anglers: reports, reviews, short stories, kitchen.

For kids

 Imbee - The goal - to ensure the safe and reliable social network for children.

 Smeshariki - Children's social networks.


 Gaia Online - Anime and games.

 Tagged - Social discovery.

 Playfire - Computer and video games.

 Raptr - Video on Windows and the browser.

 Kanobu - News in the gaming world, reviews, comments, opinions, videos, favorite games, passing instructions search of like-minded, wanting to play, blogging. - Social network games. News PC games. - News of computer games, tips and secrets of the game, players can communicate in a network.

 GameXP - Social network for video games.

Graphic arts

 Social Image Resizer Tool - Image optimization for social networks.

Hunters - Social Networks hunters. - Social Networks hunters.


 Wakoopa - Social network for geeks.

 Ning - Personal social network.

 OpenHub - Social Network programs.

 MatroNet - Object network platform which can create a variety of patterns, from user profiles and forums to complex corporate websites, combining their diverse contacts in a social network.

 Habrahabr - News IT professional the ability to publish articles, conduct of private and public blogs, discussion on interesting topics in the IT field.

 Influenster - Sampling and online product review platform.

 Diaspora - Decentralization, the inviolability of private life is well known, common (open-source)

 My Live Page - Social network sites. Create your site!

 Spot.IM - Tools for webmasters to add social networking functionality to their websites.

Integration of social networks

 Takepin - Integration of social networks.


 Icebergs - Collect pictures, texts, websites, files on the hard drive, and combine in different projects.

 On alert - Smart social network for introverts, be aware of new products, not expressing their emotions.

 Lifeknot - Social network by combining a hobby.

 LinkExpats - Social network for expatriates. More than 100 countries.

 Listography - Lists. autobiography.

 Make out club - Common interests.

 Sgrouples - In general, with an emphasis on the right of privacy.

 My Opera - Combine the Opera.

 MyAnimeList - Anime.


 Facebook job - Work on Facebook. Something is written about the philosophy of Facebook.

 VK job - Work in VK.

 Odnoklassniki job - Work in Odnoklassniki, filters, choose those programming languages ​​that we own.


 Village-online.Ru - The social network of the Russian village.

 Pingsta - Experts in various fields. - Social network for scientists.

 A diary - School Education Network, keeping a diary, journal. If you are student, communicate with people like you, and teachers.

 italki - Learning foreign languages ​​on the social network.

 RusEdu - Community teachers, social network Russian teachers. - Social network for educators, educational programs and literature for teachers.

 TermWiki - Education, languages, translation - 1 200 000 terms for more than 1300 subjects.

 Social network researchers - Scientific social network.

 SciPeople - Social network research, studies, discussions, comments, and more in the scientific field.

 Busuu - Community language learning.

 Experience Project - Sharing experiences.


 Lingq - Network language learners.


 Facebook - The leading social network in the world.

 VK - The leading social network in Russia.

Learn languages

 Italki - On this website, everything is clear and understandable. Looking for free language partner? - One section. I need a paid tutor? - Another section. It is necessary to ask a question? - B, please forum. Want to chat? - Here's a catalog with thematic microcommunity in many different languages. Welcome!

 Lang-8 - Standard resource to communicate with native speakers on the principle 'you me - I told you.' There is also a well-developed practice spelling test carriers. You can find friends to improve conversational skills in English and help somebody to study Russian, correcting errors in the letter. It submitted more than 90 languages.

 My Language Exchange - Perfect service to search for a pen pal. By registering on the website, you describe their 'ideal partner for language':.. His language, country, gender, age, interests, etc. Then simply choose the pleasant and suitable to the interlocutor and shlifuete its French, German, etc. Presented by.. 115 languages, including major European and Asian, as well as all sorts of word games -

 My Happy Planet - Another useful to find native speakers in other countries, as well as a good library of video lessons from the participants. You can replenish your own materials.

 Tandemapp - The network exists only in the form of a mobile application that makes communication even more convenient. At the moment, access English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese.

 HelloTalk - Another mobile application. There are more than 100 languages. You can find your friends on the geographical location - such as foreigners in their city.

 Easy Language Exchange - Relatively new resource for language exchange among foreigners. Now there are about 100,000 members, about 1,000 of them - the English-speaking media wishing to practice Russian.

 English, Baby! - The trick of this social network is that it was created for the British fans, and for fans of American English. Also, there is a thematic audio, grammar theory, the task to the TOEFL and even a special section for teachers of English.

 LingQ - Social Network is designed for people with any level of proficiency. The emphasis is not on grammar, and vocabulary and free communication. All the learned words can be saved in your profile, and for a paid account (from 400 to 1600 rubles per month) and export your dictionary to the computer. There is also a free version, but with limited functionality.


 Facebook Map Live - Watch the live broadcast from around the world.

Mass media

 NGO Post - Exchange news, popular in India. - News social network, photo from the news site.

 Grono Finance News - News social network.

 New Russia - Civic social network, created to bring people together with a variety of political views.

 NEWS 2.0 - News social network.

 Newsland - News social network, discussion of world news.

 Rustoriya - Free social network of freedom of speech in Russia for journalists and bloggers writing.


 Wooxie - Blogging and microblogging.

 Plurk - Microblogging.

 Sina Weibo - Social microblogging site in China.

 Twitter - First and foremost mikrobloggint.

 Twitter Lite - Lite version of Twitter.

 MyTopTweet - Shows the top 10 tweets for any Twitter user you want.

 Tumblr - This is actually Twitter with advanced features.

 Uplike - Platform microblogging and social networking websites.


 Spaces - Russian social network focused on the mobile phone users.

 FullCircle - Geo-social networks and services in the location-based portal for mobile devices.

 Galaxy - Mobile social network, mobile communication.

 Jiepang - Based on the location of the mobile social network.

 Itsmy - Mobile community.

 Foursquare - Mobile sotsialnyya CeL.

 MocoSpace - Mobile community.


 Bike post - Biker social network. All about motorcycles.


 FilmAffinity - Movies and soap operas.

 Filmow - Movies and TV shows.

 Flixster - Another movie about the network.

 Kinopoisk - The base film, rating, ratings, reviews, a base of favorite movies.

 Mubi - Auteur cinema.


 Partyflock - Dutch online community for people interested in home music and other electronic dance music.

 8 tracks - Musical social network. - General music.

 Audimated - The site for independent musicians. - Social network for musicians and bands.

 Indaba Music - Social network for the cooperation of musicians.

 Muzkontakt - Social network for musicians and entertainers.

 Buzznet - Social network for music and pop culture.

 SoundCloud - Storage of original musical works and networks.

 Tagworld - Rival MySpace, there is a search engine for music and IM client with the ability to video chat. - The music network - radio online.

 Myspace - The leading music social network.


 MirTesen! - The social network of friends.

 Ukrainians - I remember the anecdote about the atlas of Ukraine. Here you are - the global network of Ukraine. Someone wants promotion on a burst of nationalism. The reason is funny - instead of Russian VK. Well, what about Facebook? By the way, I did not break ties with any of my friends and acquaintances from Ukraine.


 Fuzzster - A place for your cats, dogs and other furry pets.

 Dogster - Social network for dog breeders, dog breeds directory with detailed description, a diary of your pet, ratings, profiles with detailed information.

 Animalbook - The social network of pet owners.

 Catster - As Dogster for dogs, but for cats. Place photos of cats, feline tell stories, make new friends (cats)!

 Dogster - A place where they can meet and socialize dogs (and their owners). On Dogster every dog ​​has its own web page. The subtitle reads: insert photos of dogs, dog tell stories, make new friends (dogs)!

 Petonik - Social network for pet owners.


 Virb - Artists, musicians and photographers.

 35photo - Social network of professional photographers №35

 Instagram - Capture the best moments of life and share in the social network of your photos.

 Viadeo - Your yearbook online (50 million people)

 Fotki - Sharing pictures and videos.

 FotoKto - Social network for photographers. Professional and amateur photographers discussing their own and other people's photos.

 Fotostrana - The social and entertainment network: shares, meetings and competitions.

 OctopuSocial - Free offers simplified management for Instagram accounts.

 Limpa - Evaluation of photographs, meet new people and chat.


 XING - Professional network of leading in Europe.

 Workplace - Free voice and text chat for gamers.

 PartnerUp - Social network for entrepreneurs.

 Business world - The site for the business, a useful material, business ideas, business tips. Search
colleagues, investors, owners of organizations, exchange of experience, to find answers to business questions.

 Yelp, Inc. - Business.

 Law - Social network for lawyers to discuss the law. - Business social network.

 My Circle - Billboard on the map.

 E-headquarters - Social network for people working with people. Keep your news feed, write articles. - For investors. Financial topics, questions and discussion.

 Kaleostra - Social network for business partners and earnings.

 i-Worker - Professional network.

 eToro - Social investment and finance.

 Youca - Applied professional social network with free tools for business management and professional self-presentation.

 Talkbiznow - Business social network.

 Meettheboss - Business and Finance.

 Индустриальная Деловая Сеть - Closed paid network of managers.

 LinkedIn - Business and professional network.

Questions and answers

 ASKfm - Network for questions and answers about yourself.


 Nexopia - Canadian social network.

 Fotolog - Blogosphere popular in South America and Spain.

 Friends Reunited - British classmates.

 Skoob - Joint social network for Brazilian readers.

 Biip - Norwegian community.

 Nettby - Norwegian social network. - Latvian network.

 Mixi - Japanese.

 Skyrock - Social network in French-speaking countries. - French classmates.

 IRC-Galleria - Finns.

 hi5 - Popular in India, Mongolia, Thailand, Romania, Jamaica, Central Africa, Portugal and Latin America social network. - The Greek social network.

 douban - The Chinese are discussing movies, music, books.

 DXY - Chinese Internet community for doctors, medical professionals, pharmacies and facilities.

 Kaixin001 - The total. China.

 E1 - Social network Urals - forum answers to all questions, chat about everyday topics.

 Qzone - General provisions. In Simplified Chinese; Serves the mainland users in China.

 Badoo - The social network popular in Latin America and parts of Europe.

 Renren - Chinese.

 Cloob - The network is popular in Iran.

 BlackPlanet - African-Americans.

 My - National social network of (number 3 in Russia)

Related - The social network of the prisoners, friends, family.

 MyHeritage - Social network for the whole family.

 FamilySpace - Family Tree, a sister network.

 Geni - Genealogical social network.

 MyLife - Communicate with friends and family.


 Cross TV - Social networking and video hosting for Christians.

 Xt3 - Catholic social network.

 Muxlim - Muslim social network.

 MyChurch - Social network for Christians.


 Yandex Blogs - Search on social networks.

Shops - Consumer social network.

 yub - It combines social networking and shopping. The goal - to ensure the rational shopping via Internet. Use 'cash back' system

 Bidding Buddies - Social network exclusively for eBay users, once you participate in the auction, why not make friends.

 flamp - The Social Network, publishes reviews about the companies in different cities.

 Butik2 - Shopping network. - Community blogs about products and services. What-when-where-why of the consumer world.


 DISSP - Sports Social Network, World and Russian sport news. Photos and video of sports materials, discuss the achievements of the athletes.

 Athlinks - Bembidion and phalaropes.

 RusBody - Social network for bodybuilders and bodybuilders.

 Rusfan - The social network of fans, you support a team or club, then you here. Symbolism, chants, competition schedule, a joint visit to the matches.


 StudiVZ - Students, mostly German-speaking.

 Students Circle Network - Social network connecting students, teachers and institutions, of course resources, research groups and classrooms.

 Tuenti - Spain Students.

 English, baby! - Students and teachers of English as a second language.


 ClassNet - Classroom social network for students.

 Stardoll - Would you like to dress like a celebrity paper dolls? Originally called Paperdoll Heaven, Stardoll as time and allows you to it.

 Girlfriends - Social network for teens, chat, contests, photos, personal interests. Website for girls, but also young people can communicate here.

 Popist - Very similar to MySpace, as the interface and direction. It offers users a large number of public functions such as the ability to integrate with other social networks.

 Habbo - Social network for teens.

 Crunchyroll - Anime. - British teenagers.


 WAYN - Travel and lifestyle.

 I am a pilgrim - The social network of travelers.

 Cottagers - The social network for people who have a garden or live in their own homes with land and interest in matters of gardening. - Travel social network.

 43 places - Social Networks tourists.

 Hospitality Club - Hospitable social network.

 Turbine - Community travelers. - The social network of travelers.

 TripAdvisor - Reserve a table.

 eSosedi - Location-based social network with a map of interesting places with a photo area, adds its interesting places, write reviews, opinions, meet people with common interests. - Blogs tourists.

 CouchSurfing - If you travel, you can ask questions about the place of the future travel and arranging meetings.

 TravBuddy - Travels.

 Travellerspoint - Travel on the map.

 GEOID - The social network for lovers of recreation and travel, the most beautiful places in Russia where visitors have visited.

 Exploroo - Social network for travel.


 Verification Google+ - Google immediately offered verification celebrities in their social network.

 Verification Vkontakte - An ordinary person can not claim verification.

 Facebook Verification - Verification.


 Google+ - Global from Google.


 Tsiklopediya - Universal neutral wiki, which you create.


 Maam - Social network for preschool educators.

 Crazy mama - Social network for young mothers, communication and exchange of experience.

 Country of Mom - Website for children: child birth, pregnancy, childbirth, child development.

 Sveet moms - Social network for mothers, communication and exchange of experience of motherhood.

 Povarenok - Culinary Social Network: blogs, recipes, ratings, forum.

 PatientsLikeMe - Online community for patients with life-altering illnesses, to find other patients how they communicate with others, and learn more about their condition to improve their results.

 Mini gang - Women's social network for young children.

 Agulife - Social Moms Network.

 Ravelry - Community for knitting, crochet embroidery, designers, spinners, weavers and dyers.

 Eka mom - Social network about pregnancy and childbirth (Ekaterinburg)

 CafeMom - Mommy.

 myJulia - Women's social network.

 Bebiblog - For a young mother, a narrow popular resource.

 Cucumbertown - for cooks Network.

 DailyStrength - Medical social network of physical and mental health.

 Online-clubs - Glamorous social network of social life. - Social network for mothers, assistance in the education and maintenance of the child, interesting information, useful topics, discussions, consultation. - Baby Boomers.


 Dribbble - Community for demonstrating to the user the production of works of art.

  1. - Ukrainians - I remember the anecdote about the atlas of Ukraine. Here you are - the global network of Ukraine. Someone wants promotion on a burst of nationalism. The reason is funny - instead of Russian VK. Well, what about Facebook? By the way, I did not break ties with any of my friends and acquaintances from Ukraine.

New Russia


The first personalized news aggregator in Russia. Slightly similar to the News Republic.

News from around the world, customization by topic, but not yet configured sources.

Also video news and currency exchange rates.

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