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The most progressive service in the internet.

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New internet gigant.

The undisputed leader of the Runet.

Runet catalog.
New runet gigant.

Internet has so much of garbage. We find some information and then find out that it is obsolete. It's enough fraud, they offer mountains of gold, and then ... I always wondered who to believe? In ordinary life, everything is quite clear - if I go to a bank and change money, then I do not check their authenticity, but when I change it on the street, I change it, then it's different.=

So, I've been looking for a list of the best sites for a long time, but Yandex sells everything: links, rating, shorter business.
Google does not do this.
Rambler tried to do something like this - "The best 20 Runets," but then everyone, including themselves, it became obvious that they did not reflect the real picture.

But here I came across information from Google and a couple of decent ratings, thanks to social networks and in principle with the result agrees. It really reflects the real picture in some way.

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