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Financial accounting

  1. - Slimvoice - Incredibly simple account.
  2. - Invoice to me - Free account generator.
logo Vesti Finance

Vesti Finance

The project of the TV channel "Russia 24". The latest news from the world of finance, a detailed analysis of current events, exclusive interviews with top officials of the largest financial structures.

News, video, infographics - events of the new week: details, facts, opinions.
Markets: Russian market map, instrument comparison, stock market indices, stocks, bonds, currencies and metals.
Calendar of macroeconomic events.
Live TV channel Russia

logo Vashifinansy`

reliable site
English - Russian

address: Russia


The project "Assistance in raising the level of financial literacy of the population and the development of financial education in the Russian Federation" is implemented by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation in conjunction with the World Bank. The goal of the project is to increase the financial literacy of Russian citizens, promote the formation of reasonable financial behavior, responsible attitude to personal finance, increasing the effectiveness of protecting their interests as consumers of financial services.

The project is implemented when Interaction of a Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor), the Central Bank of Russian Federation, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, other agencies and organizations.

logo 1S:Nul

reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: ,

phone.:1 800 333-72-27 (US and Canadian Customers toll-free)
address: Russia, Moscow, ул. Селезневская, д. 21, 121552


Zero Reporting. Free of charge. For entrepreneurs without an accountant.

Free means there is a minimum rate, free, basic rates are paid.

In Russian
logo Inc.


American magazine for small and medium businesses.

The best place to find tips, advice on management, and the secrets of the most successful people in the world.

  • A look at things from a business point of view and in its interests, technologies and practices that can be applied;
  • tips on how to do it right, company ratings;
  • instructions for business;
  • community of fast-growing companies, partner materials;
  • successful business stories.

iTunes Android

logo Easy finance

Easy finance

Personal finance management system. The service will help you to take control of your personal finances, allow you to make the right decisions on managing personal finances, plan your incomes and expenses in advance, and enter information about them from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

Convenience and reliability of the service is confirmed by the fact that he was exhibited at the exhibition "Internet-2009", held in the framework of the conference RIW-2009 (Russian Internet Week). A distinctive feature of the service is that personal finance can be assessed without prior registration in the system. Any visitor can use the guest account and learn all the features of the service, which are quite a lot: accounting and planning of income and expenses, keeping accounts in different types of currencies, Synchronization of currency rates, visual demonstration of reports in the form of diagrams, etc.

To ensure the security of user data, the system supports SSL and when creating an account is not required from the user Lei indicate any personal information other than an email address.

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In Russian
logo ABCs of Finance

ABCs of Finance

The ABC of Finance handbook, home accounting.

Four main sections depending on the field of application:

  1. For the School - to teachers and students,
  2. For the House - to the adult population,
  3. For Work - Entrepreneurs and employers,
  4. For the Organization - partners and potential participants in the financial literacy program.
Alphabetical list of terms, financial calculators.

logo Banks Today

Banks Today

Independent financial portal: articles, news, services ...

Information on current issues: how to choose and apply for a loan, what contribution brings greater income, in which bank you can get a mortgage or car loan, why do we need credit brokers and how to earn a trader.

logo BuhOnline


Professional electronic publication for bookkeepers, chief bookkeepers and financial directors of Russian enterprises, auditors, small business representatives, lawyers specializing in tax legislation.

logo Remote Support for Small Business Consulting

Remote Support for Small Business Consulting

Remote consulting helps in matters of business:

  • marketing,
  • management,
  • accounting,
  • taxes,
  • business plan,
  • legal entities,
  • business,
  • finance,
  • industry,
  • trade,
  • office work,
  • Internet.
Consultations of specialists.

logo Glavbukh


I do not know why this site was called a magazine. But then this is an interactive magazine with advanced features.Here there is news, information, you can ask a question or read the answers to the questions asked.In my opinion, the site is quite full and well structured.

  1. Accountants rating,
  2. workshops,
  3. polls,
  4. tests.

logo Inc.Russia


Russian version of the legendary American magazine about entrepreneurship.

The site does not look like the usual sites of magazines. From the usual there is only news. The rest is rather non-standard.

Something like the Ikea store, where you just need to look at everything, because the authors find all the material interesting and important.

logo ServiceCloud


Accounting 1C online.
Service paid - 800-1000 rubles. per month. Under it you are allocated a server space up to 2Gb and a sufficient number of databases. The service is paid, with good support:

  1. online chat,
  2. a toll-free number, but you can also order a call back,
  3. Skype,
  4. ICQ.



In Russian
logo Simplified taxation

Simplified taxation

On simplified taxation system.
Site for accountants, primarily about the simplified system: news and well structured information.

This is an online version of the magazine, so the material is updated regularly.

logo Payment order

Payment order

Simply form the payment order online, fill out and print out. You can remember your data so you do not have to enter it again.

logo Audit-IT


Information support of Russian accountants, auditors, appraisers, financiers.
Communication and collective assistance in professional matters.

In the field of information technology, we are also engaged in the creation of software products: "Your Financial Analyst", "Reporting under IFRS + Transformation", "Master of Accounting Policy".

logo Kontur

English - Russian

phone.:8 800 500-50-80 (Russian Customers toll-free)
address: Russia


Services for accounting and business.

  1. Reporting Accounting, salary and personnel.
  2. Electronic signature.
  3. Counterparty check.
  4. Electronic document flow Trade, online cash registers.
  5. Bidding and purchasing.
  6. Doing business.
  7. Work with GIS Training.
  8. Contour. Extern - Internet reporting system in the Federal Tax Service, the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, the Social Insurance Fund, the Federal State Statistics Service, the Federal Service for Military Development and the RPNR
  9. Ready-made solution for switching to an online cash desk.
  10. Contour.Click - online store for a couple of clicks, independently, quickly.

In Russian

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