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English - Russian

Owner: Yandex, reliable site.

Uses: Yandex.Maps.


Leading service of maps of Russia.


  1. There are more plans of Russian cities than on Google.
  2. Much more panoramas of Russian cities than on Google.
  3. Leading service of traffic jams in Russia.
  4. Panoramas from the air, so far only St. Petersburg.
  5. Snapping webcams.
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English - Russian

Owner: Google, reliable site.

Uses: Google maps, YouTube.

Google Maps

Leading the project, in cooperation with NASA Google maps more detailed and accurate. If our maps are concentrated mainly around Moscow, something about Russia and the near abroad, then Google is the world leader.

This service spawned a new kind of advertising - on the roofs of houses.

More Google services using maps

  1. Photo on the map.
  2. Video on the map - Symbiosis of Google Maps and YouTube. That is, YouTube videos are tied to a map.
  3. Personalize Google maps - it's easiest to put a Google map on your site, but in addition, it's easiest to build your service based on Google maps.
  4. Wiki maps - connecting Wikipedia and Google maps.

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