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There is an opportunity to decorate your site. Our site is somewhat overloaded with forms because its purpose is to teach all potential. Compare the site of our web studios.

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Icons are more convenient to make themselves under the design of the site or take advantage of someone else's, I do not think that someone will be against it.

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  1. - Google Forms - Google Docs is the greatest free service which is very prevalent. It also places the results mechanically on the spreadsheet afterward a user’s response.
  2. - 123contactform - This paid form builder is a useful tool which benefits you in the sale of goods and services. It is very humble to use and has the ability to add with Blogger & Facebook.
  3. - Reformed - This is an open and free form editor, which lets you to install and make the greatest looking forms for your website rapidly.
  4. - Type Form - This is a free online form builder which has heaps of services for the users. All you have to do is to register with a free account & start building your form.
  5. - Form Smarts - Free cloud based form builder which benefits you create, issue and get form fallouts online with lots of progressive features.
  6. - Form Logix - The crucial form of this paid service assists you focus on the contents. It helps you to add diverse types of training in the form, subject to the user input predilection.

Google Forms

English - Russian

Owner: Google, reliable site.

You can quickly conduct a survey, make a list of guests, collect email addresses for newsletter and hold a quiz.

You can specify your style for the form.
Add videos from YouTube and photos.
You can set up respondents to get to different pages, depending on which option they choose.

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