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logo From Instagram to VK

From Instagram to VK

Transfer photos and videos from Instagram to VK.
We save the contents of the Instagram account.
You will need this if you are leaving Instagram permanently or if Instagram is shutting down in your country

logo VK World

VK World

All information about the site VK.

In fact, this is a full-fledged site, which aims to help effectively use the site VK.
The site was created and is maintained by VK team, so the information is correct and up-to-date.

All the secrets that the social network VK.
The answer to any of your questions, whether it's registration VK or rating upgrade.
Maybe you decided to earn VK.

Here you can actually ask a question, however, you can ask a question in the usual way - through the group VK.

logo VK
additional url:


Originally a university catalog.
Closed directory of students and graduates of universities, which opened for all comers.

To friends and classmates always stay in touch, groups, meetings.

Looks like Facebook, wall, friends. .. But there are advantages. It is much easier Facebook and to the content of almost no restrictions, until the copyright here came a little bit.

VK and post

Vkontakte allowed Facebook to register short names, instead of the numeric code in the address, for example.
Then you can use email with the address

Registration on the site

In this lesson you will learn how to register an account in the most popular social network of Russian-language Internet VK. Open your browser and go to the VK site.

Click on the 'Registration' button.

In the first section, you must enter personal information such as:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Your E-mail address
  • And the desired password.
Next, you need to enter the protection code from the automatic registrations shown in the picture.

In the next section, select the country and city of your institution from the relevant lists.

After that, an additional section with two drop-down menus will open, Containing schools and higher education institutions in your chosen city. Specify the ones you visited, then click the 'Register' button.

Next, if all the fields are filled correctly, the system will redirect you to the page with a message about the successful completion of the first stage of registration. Within the next few minutes, a letter containing a link for confirmation of registration will be sent to the registered mailbox. By clicking on this link, you can activate your account and start using it immediately!


Congratulations! If you watch this video, it means that you have already registered your account in the most popular social network of the Russian Internet VK.

In the next few minutes you will learn about the main elements of the VK interface. So.

After logging into the system, you get to the main page of your account. It is divided into three main blocks. The first block is a horizontal menu containing links to go to the main page, as well as to the general sections of the site 'Search', 'Groups', 'Events', 'People', 'Invite', 'Exit' and the quick search box on the site.

The second block on the left consists of a menu for navigating directly to you:

  • My page,
  • My friends,
  • My photos,
  • My videos,
  • My messages,
  • My notes,
  • My groups,
  • My appointments,
  • My settings.
And the third block, central, contains basic information about you and your education.

Before you start an exciting search for your classmates, classmates and just friends, it is desirable to fill out information about yourself, at least 30%. To do this, you can upload your photo, indicate other educational institutions where you studied, fill out contact information, add places of residence, rest or work, write about your hobbies, and also tell about yourself.

More about each section Your account, you can learn from the relevant lessons.

Entering information

In this example, we will look at the process of editing the questionnaire on the VK system.

Log in using your login and password to the VK system. You automatically go to the main page of your account.

Click on the 'Edit' link next to 'Information' to add or edit data.

In the 'Basic' section you can specify your gender, marital status, day Birth, hometown, political and religious views, country and city of residence. By default, the date of birth will be displayed on the main page, but you can select the option 'Do not show birth date'. To save the changes, click the 'Save' button.

In the next subsection 'Contacts' you can add your contact email, mobile and home phone numbers, ICQ, personal website address. Also, you can specify your nickname on the forum where you are a member.

Similarly, you can add or change information in the following subsections:

  • 'Places' - namely, places for your vacation, accommodation or training;
  • 'Personal' - information about your interests and preferences;
  • 'Education' - data about educational institutions where you studied;
  • 'Career' - information about your work experience
  • 'Military service' - place and time of military service
After making changes to a specific sub-section, do not forget to confirm them by clicking on the 'Save' button.

Adding photos

In addition to editing personal information, in your VK account. You can also add your photos.

To download the main photo of your profile, on which you want to be displayed, click the 'Click here' link in the orange sector of the main page, or the link 'Upload photo.' Or, in the 'Information' section (link 'Edit') go to the 'Photo' subsection.

Next, click on the 'Browse' button, and a window will open for selecting a photo on your computer. Select the desired file and click on the 'Open' button. After that, click on the 'Upload photo.'

You will be redirected to a page with a successfully uploaded photo. There you can change or delete this photo.

In addition to the main photo, you can also create various photo albums. To do this, select 'My photos' in the menu on the left and to download your first photo album click on the 'Click here' link. On the page that opens, you must enter the title and description of the album you are creating, as well as the access rights to it, and then click on the 'Create Album' button.

Just like when uploading the main photo, use the 'Browse', Then click on the 'Upload Photos' button. Your first photo album is ready!

Searching for information

After your questionnaire on the VK site is at least 30% full, you can view the profiles of other users of the system and add friends.

To search for people, click the 'Search' button 'Located in the top menu.

On the opened page you can use either the simple search option or the advanced one. With a simple search, you simply enter the name, last name, or any keyword in the search string. Also, you can go directly to the search for educational institutions, companies and places of residence or rest.

Thanks to the advanced search, you can make a more accurate request that takes into account the name, date of birth, marital status or political views.

After you find the right person, you can use the option 'Send a message', view the friends of this person, if he did not restrict the rights of access to this information, And also 'Add to friends'. When this person confirms you as a friend, you can view his profile, write messages on his page, and follow the updates of his page in the 'My friends' section, where you can go to the appropriate section of the menu on the left.

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logo VK, data protection.

VK, data protection.

Download all your personal data.
VKontakte made it possible.

Our account is conveniently structured for us, everything is arranged in shelves, in its place, not in a common pile.
What do they have about me anyway? How do you make sure I know everything they have about me?

We make a request, we note that we are interested in the proposed list.
If nothing is noted, everything will come.

Be prepared to enter the password for your account.
The archive with the database will come within 3 hours.

Lists database

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