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Live webcams -
Beautiful places, traffic jams, weather.

Beautiful places, traffic jams, weather.

Catalog of web cameras online all over the world, divided by countries and categories. You can at any time plunge into the world of online travel.

Enjoy the beauty of the mountains, beaches, virtually visit various corners and parts of the world, and even in space.

Online travel and virtual tours on our website are absolutely free and do not require registration. Travel the world without spending a dime on tours and excursions.

Webcams - wildlife.

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Protected birds.

They can be watched through a webcam from the island of Wales. The peculiarity of this broadcast is that the staff of the reserve move the camera several times a day to give you the opportunity to look at different birds in different places.

Window Swap -
Users of this site broadcast live the view from their window.

Users of this site broadcast live the view from their window.

Click the button to get the view from a random user's window.

Traffic webcams on the map.

All about the traffic police cameras, radars and ambushes of the traffic police.
First of all, here are shown radars and webcams on the map, you can add if you found something that is not on the map yet.
You can also look at the List.

There are articles, primarily laws and regulations, a forum for joint discussions, which will allow the site to develop in the demanded direction.


Video surveillance via Internet with our own hands.
We register, install the program and use it.
Up to 2 cameras for free.

Digisilm -
Webcams - wildlife.

For the life of Amur leopards in captivity can be observed using a real-time web camera installed in the Tallinn Zoo. This rare, endangered species of leopards counts only 100 individuals around the world, and two of them can be watched live.

Also, there are three webcams installed in leopard habitats in the natural environment. True, you themselves are unlikely to find them there, but you can easily see waving grass, trees and stones. The video is accompanied by sounds.

camera 1 camera 2 camera 3

MapCam -
We call and we communicate with the casual interlocutor somewhere in the world.

We call and we communicate with the casual interlocutor somewhere in the world.

Windy -
Webcam on the map.

Webcams around the world.
Here you can find a webcam around the world on a Google Maps map.
I must say that Google Maps uses this database.
There is a Russian language.


  • search for a webcam on a 3D map - Google Earth,
  • add webcam,
  • popular webcams,
  • new webcams,
  • search by tags,
  • webcams with video function, accelerated shooting - in a few seconds we will see this place throughout the day,
  • blog,
  • community,
  • there is an API, you can display webcams On your site,
  • or just the HTML webcam code, as you see below.

Chatroulette -
Video chat with a stranger.

Anonymous video chat.
in English. If you have a webcam, we begin to communicate with a casual interlocutor.
For English learners, it is convenient to have a regular chat in parallel. Did not hear, wrote. Suddenly the new site, which became popular on the web, was created by the Russian teenager Andrei Ternovsky for 17 years.

This is reported by the New York Times. A seventeen-year-old schoolboy from Moscow himself developed and launched the original Chatroulette service, which allows any user to chat through a webcam with a random stranger.

In recent weeks, the site has gained a lot of popularity in the English-speaking segment of the Network. This project also attracted the attention of Fred Wilson, a well-known venture capitalist, who said he was going to contact Andrew and invite him to come to New York.

"I'm still not sure that we should invest in this project, but I'm sure that I would like to meet this guy. It reminds me of the young entrepreneurs I worked with earlier, "Wilson said.

Bing Maps -
One of the leading mapping services in the world.

One of the leading mapping services in the world.
It does not have panoramas or 3D mode like Google or Yandex, but the maps themselves are rendered with high quality.
There is a satellite mode, the photos are well put together, of high quality.
I checked it on the small settlements of Russia.

Map on the site

There is a habitual possibility to embed a map on a site.
You can choose the size, set your own, the type of map - scheme or satellite mode, with labels or without them.
You can not add your own pointers, routes.


You can view traffic jams, create routes by car, public transport or on foot.
It will give out
  • route on the map,
  • distance in km,
  • travel time,
  • offer public transportation options,
  • describe the route in detail.
Switch to road viewR
Switch to satellite viewA
Switch to the satellite view with marksH
Switch to the aerial viewO
Switch to aerial view with marksB
Switch to topographic map view*S
Turn right when viewed from the airCTRL +
Turn left in aerial viewCTRL +

Smithsonian’s National Zoo -
Webcams - wildlife.

On the page of the National Smithsonian Zoo (Smithsonian's National Zoological Park), you can find dozens of two different webcams installed in the habitats of living creatures.
In addition to the standard tigers and toucans in this case, one of the cameras is installed directly under the water in the Amazon, so you can look at a variety of exotic fish in real time.
Keep in mind that the time zone of another part of the world differs by an average of eight hours in the opposite direction.

United States Antarctic Program -
Webcams - wildlife.


Behind the window is +35, and for sure you would like to be there where there are a lot, Much colder. But it is unlikely at the South Pole, where the temperature at the moment is about the same in a numerical equivalent, but with the opposite sign. However, you can look at the two webcams (if you see anything there): one is located on the US McMurdo research station, the second - at the station Palmer. Images are updated every 10 seconds.

Africam -
Webcams - wildlife.

Webcammictest -
Check the webcam or microphone

Check webcam

WebCam Toy -
Global avatar.

More than 80 effects for working with the camera.
9 filters in real time, watch and compare, and have fun.
The room of laughter will be more diverse.
Take pictures, download and send on Facebook or VK!

WebCam Toy -
Global avatar.

More than 80 effects for working with the camera.
9 filters in real time, watch and compare, and have fun.
The room of laughter will be more diverse.
Take pictures, download and send on Facebook or VK!

IP-24 -
Webcams in the world.

A lot of webcams. The site is simple and mowing, but we are interested in the base. Sometimes we just want to find a specific city ..

Webcam on the ISS -

Well, it's not really a web camera, it's a decent video stream, so it's more like a broadcast.
But the essence is the same, we see the earth in real time.

There you can also see where the satellite is on the map. Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Construction Petersburg
Webcams on "problem" sites, accompanied by the Committee on Construction.

Family GPS tracker for child safety and parental control.

Install the application Where my children are on your phone, and the Chat with parents application on your child’s phone or connect a GPS clock.

GPS locator - look at the location of the child on the map and the history of movements for the day, make sure that the child is not in dangerous places;
Sound around - listen to what is happening around the child to understand that everything is fine with him and that he is in good company;
Loud signal - send a loud signal to the child’s phone if he left it in a backpack or on silent mode and does not hear the bell;
Application Control - find out what applications he used in school, whether he played in the classroom instead of gaining knowledge;
Security Control - check that the child has come to school on time - receive notifications when he comes to school and returns home;
Battery control - remind your child to charge the phone on time, you will receive a notification if the battery is soon discharged;
Family Chat - chat with your child in a chat with funny stickers;
Promotions - praise the child for the top five by sending him hearts!

Earthcam -
Webcams in the world.

Catalog of references to web-cameras of the world.

  1. Rubritsirovannyy catalog of live cameras: business (offices, restaurants, laboratories, etc.), education (institutes, schools), sports; Animals, landscapes; Personal webcams, parties, video chats, etc.
  2. Search by category, keywords and region.
  3. The ability to open your channel.
Translated into Russian, you can participate.

New York with a resolution of 120,000 megapixels.

Webcam in the church.

A video broadcast of the Sunday ministry in the church.
Church "Living faith" Gomel. (on the map)
Broadcasting starts when people are still seated in places and further, which more gives the effect of presence.

You can see past services in the record, watch sermons, see the pastor's video blog.


OK Live -
Create the broadcasts and watch created by others.

Watch the broadcast

We choose a place on the map and see the active points where the translation is currently in progress. Any user can use any language he owns regardless of geographic location. But just as the classmates network is primarily Russian-speaking, almost everywhere we will meet Russian speech.
Depending on the selected section of the map below, the players are available on this map, so it's more convenient to choose.It can be a person who wants to communicate, or maybe an entrepreneur advertising his product or store.
If it's just a person, it's unlikely that he is broadcasting anything, rather he expects communication, you can get acquainted. Unlike the chat roulette, here you can choose the interviewee, seeing it and selecting from others. And if this is your city, you can also agree on a meeting.

Create broadcasts

Create broadcasts from your mobile phone in your profile in Classmates and in groups from the OK Live application.The recording of the broadcast will be available for subsequent viewing by users of OK Live and the social network. Classmates.
The recording will be stored indefinitely, so think what you are showing.

Collect viewers to communicate on the air

OK Live will tell your subscribers that you are live, and will show your broadcast in the "Subscriptions" and "Maps" ribbon. If your live broadcast attracts the attention of the audience, it will automatically appear in the "Popular".
Friends and group members will see new broadcasts in their personal tapes on all screens of the social network of Classmates and will receive additional notifications about the start of live broadcast.

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