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Poster -
A free and open platform for creating audio guides to cities and museums.

A free and open platform for creating audio guides to cities and museums.

The goal is to create a platform based on the izi.TRAVEL service that brings together multimedia guide creators from all over the world and millions of travelers.

Kinoafisha Russia with kinopoisk.

A service where you can learn about events in the city and buy tickets to the cinema and the event.

Schedule, announcements and description of events are provided by Yandex partners and event organizers.


  • Learn about new events.
  • Buy a ticket to a movie or an event.
  • Return your movie ticket.
  • Give back money for unnecessary 3D glasses.

Service to search for events.

More than 5000 current events and events in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities, as well as 7000 places for recreation for every taste, collected in one convenient mobile application.

Daily updated event database: concerts of stars, home theater performances, modern art exhibitions, massive flashmobs, film premieres, loud theatrical performances, lectures from professionals, board games evenings, children's events.

Vash Dosug
Information reference edition.

Convenient and clear guide to entertainment in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yaroslavl helps to keep abreast of all important cultural events.

This is primarily a poster of events, concerts, theaters, cinemas, exhibitions ...

There is a separate heading where to go with children.
And where to go for free.

It is important that the site offers not only a poster, but a description, ratings ... helps to make the best choice.

Mirage Cinema
Cinema network.

The Mirage Cinema cinema network includes 22 modern cinemas, more than 150 comfortable cinema halls equipped with the latest technology, and more than 18,500 seats.

Unique film projection and sound equipment, spacious halls, the ability to watch movies in 3D, as well as its own kitchen with a favorite Italian and Japanese menu.

In the popcorn bars of the cinema you can try more than 10 kinds of popcorn, including such exotic ones as strawberry, apple, banana and even with bacon, and with porcini mushrooms.

Instead of ordinary armchairs, comfortable sofas for one, two and three guests and tables equipped with waiter call buttons that bring you any dish from the menu directly to the hall await you in the VIP rooms.

Guide to the entertainment of large cities.

Guide to the entertainment of large cities.

Detailed poster, announcements of interesting events, cinema schedule, book and film reviews, reviews and examinations of new and popular services, photo and video reports from the most notable city events, draws of theater and cinema tickets, feedback from living people about the city’s companies and many more interesting things.

Actual Moscow
Sights, events and institutions of Moscow.

Sights, events and institutions of Moscow.

Poster, where to go in Moscow

  1. Concerts
  2. theater,
  3. circus
  4. movie,
  5. exhibitions, fairs,
  6. tours,
  7. sport, quests,
  8. museums
  9. parks,
  10. theaters
  11. movie theaters,
  12. night clubs,
  13. sights.


  1. Government agencies
  2. kindergartens,
  3. children's camps,
  4. schools
  5. colleges, technical schools,
  6. universities,
  7. medical institutions
  8. diagnostic centers, doctors.

Online newspaper Siberia.

Online newspaper of Siberia.

On a site it is possible

  • read the latest news of Novosibirsk;
  • save favorite news;
  • read and add comments to the news;
  • send your news to the editorial office or suggest an idea for publication;
  • see the current weather and forecast for the next 10 days;
  • watch photo reports;
  • watch videos;
  • watch currency rates of the Central Bank of Russia and Novosibirsk banks.
News portal of the Samara region.

News portal of the Samara region. Good base, well-structured, ads, forums, dating ...
Rest in Moscow.

Interesting places in Moscow, tours and events taking place in the capital.

Let's say here you can find out

  • how to visit the Ostankino television tower and how much it will cost,
  • what are the exhibitions, festivals, fairs ...
  • complete quests or actively relax
  • visit sights, museums, monuments or unusual monuments,
  • clubs ...

Christian billboard of Moscow
Schedule of Divine Services, seminars and conferences.

Evangelical churches in Moscow and the Moscow region, a schedule of services, seminars, conferences, event reviews, a catalog of organizations.

Moskvarium -
Center for Oceanography and Marine Biology.

Center for Oceanography and Marine Biology, a unique complex that will give everyone the opportunity to learn the amazing fauna of the World Ocean and touch the remote areas of the Planet.

Mariinsky Theatre -
The official website of the theater.

The official website of the theater.
Information about the theater - history, floor plan, souvenirs, a poster and tickets.

Theatrical poster.

Theatrical poster.
The site contains the most comprehensive and most accurate database of movie showtimes, concerts, exhibitions, and theater performances in major cities of Russia .

Vash Dosug
Entertainment Guide for Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yaroslavl.

Entertainment Guide for Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yaroslavl.
Among other things, information on theaters, a poster ... helps to make the best choice.

Actual Moscow
Theaters of Moscow, where to go.

Theaters of Moscow, where to go.
Poster, tickets, information.

Portal of the city of Kaluga and the Kaluga region.

Information portal of the city of Kaluga and the Kaluga region.

Actual news of Kaluga and full information about the city of Kaluga, its life and its inhabitants, find out what the city is interesting for and what it can offer its guests.

A convenient interactive map of the city of Kaluga, a detailed, carefully structured by sections list of Kaluga enterprises and site search will allow you to easily navigate and quickly find exactly what interests you on our Kaluga server.

News of public, political and economic life, weather forecast in Kaluga, exchange rates and a list of useful and interesting links.

Section discounts and special offers - sales and promotions for shops, salons, various agencies, services and organizations of the city of Kaluga.

Construction and real estate in Kaluga, the Kaluga automobile portal, blogs of the most diverse.
The united cinema network “Cinema Park” and “Formula Kino” takes 1st place in Russia and is among the top 5 largest cinema chains in Europe.

The united cinema network “Cinema Park” and “Formula Kino” takes 1st place in Russia and is among the top 5 largest cinema chains in Europe.

Saturday Rambler
The main source of ideas for planning the weekend.

The main source of ideas for weekend planning.
That is, what to see, where to go.

Picnic Billboards
Picnic 'Billboards' - the biggest in Moscow outdoor music festival, which gathers about 50,000 people annually.

Picnic "Afisha" is the largest music festival in Moscow in the open air, which annually gathers about 50,000 people.

The popular service that allows cafes and restaurants to deal effectively with the promotion of their establishments, manage tables reserves, to automate the process of work with visitors to significantly reduce staff time.

A popular service that allows cafes and restaurants to efficiently promote their establishments, manage table reserves, automate the process of handling visitors' requests, and significantly reduce staff time.

Food poster
Cooking magazine recipes and of course, the printed edition can be viewed online.
cooking school, rather rtsepty in an interesting format.
Culinary Encyclopedia: hundreds of items described in more dishes and more products.

Search for recipes for ingredients.
You can add a recipe or collect your own recipe book.

Choose a recipe for the main ingredient
  • for the
  • food category for the holiday or for
  • in the kitchen
  • according to the way of cooking
  • according to the
  • By source Also on the site you can see the magazine of the same name.

  • KARO film
    The official site of the cinema network.

    The leading cinema chain in Russia, which controls 32 modern cinemas (241 screens) in Moscow, the Moscow Region, St. Petersburg, Samara, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen and Surgut, which are visited by almost 12 million people annually.

    Recognized as the best cinema network of the year in the European market by the international convention CineEurope, becoming the first Russian cinema network to receive this award.

    Official poster.

    If you live in the Murmansk region, then this is the best site for all the events of the region. By the way, Yandex's poster uses information from this site, and only a part.

    • Timetables for concerts, performances, movies, sporting events, parties, exhibitions
    • List of establishments: billiards, live music, Internet, karaoke, bowling, gaming machines, sports broadcasts ...
    • Timetables of children's performances, films, exhibitions, concerts and circus performances, as well as addresses and phone numbers of children's studios, clubs, sections, clubs and attractions
    • List of the most fashionable clothing stores, shoes ...
    • Full database of addresses and phones, Short reviews, as well as a description of style, design and other special features. There are restaurants, cinemas, concert halls, clubs, restaurants, shops, etc.
    • Timetable of transport in Murmansk and the region with the cost of tickets.

    Christian Billboards Protestants Petersburg
    Events, seminars, conferences, worship, churches card.

    The project of the publishing house "The Tree of Life". Events, seminars, conferences, services, map of churches. Made very even decently, authoritative and understandable.


    Official poster.

    Movie poster Russia - schedule of cinemas of large cities Russia. On the first page you will see what you can see today, learn the premiere, read reviews on the novelties of the cinema.
    Participate in the forum, share your impressions and learn the opinions of others.
    Rating of cinemas, subscription to the schedule Selected cinemas.
    I must say that the site is organized perfectly, intuitively understandable interface, that is, you can find everything without straining.

    1. Moscow
    2. Saint Petersburg
    3. Vladivostok
    4. Volgograd
    5. Yekaterinburg
    6. Irkutsk
    7. Kazan
    8. Krasnodar
    9. Nizhny Novgorod
    10. Novosibirsk
    11. Perm
    12. Skeleton-on-Don
    13. Samara
    14. Saratov
    15. Tyumen
    16. Ufa
    17. Chelyabinsk


    Billboard-TV Shows
    The draft broadcasting around the clock on the home page

    The project of round-the-clock broadcasting on the main page of the site

    Poster of Russia's leading events of major cities: movies, theaters, concerts, exhibitions ...

    A way to choose how to spend your free time.

    The site contains the most complete and most accurate database of movie shows, concerts, exhibitions, and theater performances; The largest catalog of addresses of restaurants, clubs, museums, exhibition halls and shops in the largest cities Russia. The most authoritative book, music, restaurant And film critics publish their reviews and blog on the Afisha. In addition to professional reviews on the site, every month more than 3 thousand user reviews and over 30 thousand user ratings are published.

    You can book a movie ticket for free.

    We go, our city is displayed automatically, choose "Cinemas", choose a cinema from List.

    There is a mobile version.

    Kinoafisha Moscow and movie news, TV program, the actors.

    Initially, there was a poster for everything, theater, cinema ... But decided to limit themselves to only the movie and only Moscow, but to do it as much as possible informatively. In fact, here we will find all the information on this topic.

    Say, we wanted to go to the movies, there is a poster in Moscow. You can see what and where it goes, read the review, watch the trailer, the producer's country, the year, the length of the film, the genre, the rating, evaluate yourself ... and buy a ticket.

    Click on the chosen one and the film and get more detailed information, like Film Search. Description movies, actors, you can click on the actor and get to know his creativity more closely.

    In addition, the site can find information about the television series, the show, the actors, watch the TV program.

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