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Life hacking

Unofficial site of Rostelecom.

Unofficial site of Rostelecom.

Official Rostelecom does not always seek to help. Often he simply imposes a service.
But where to find disinterested help? To advise what is beneficial to me, even if it is not beneficial to Rostelecom?

This is the site for this. On the site you can learn a lot of interesting information and ideas. And in the VKontakte group you can chat.

By the way, yes!
Life hacking.

Short useful tips based on personal life experience, sometimes sad.

An entertaining resource on which any person can share with others a short, useful advice on an arbitrary subject, and others can read it and think about it.

Necessary Warning: there is no preliminary moderation on the site, so some of the tips on this site can be comic, silly or just dangerous. Please think with your head and do not try to repeat this house.

The staff of the site is grateful to one post for Lepre for inspiration and all friends for their support.

Mind Hacks -
Neuroscience and psychology life hacks and tricks gets posted here almost every day. The website started in 2004, there are hundreds of articles to read.

Site about computers, smartphones and electronics.

Site about computers, smartphones and electronics.

Life hacking, author reviews and ratings with the most modern and popular devices. The subtleties of using modern electronics.

Life hacking embroidery, knitting, decoupage, modeling, weaving, crafts, drawing, sewing.

Life hacking

  1. knitting
  2. decoupage
  3. sculpting
  4. weaving
  5. crafts
  6. drawing
  7. sewing -
Leading life hacking site.

Leading site of lifhak.
Tips, tricks, tricks? Strategies that save money and time. About how you can use simple household items. Do you remember how simple or old things were used in Soviet times? Gol is fictitious sly.

I like to once visit something not ours.

Daily blog on how to use computers and a variety of sites with the maximum benefit for themselves.

Daily blog on how to use computers and various sites with maximum benefit for themselves, as well as productivity, worldview, health and sports.
The site tells about interesting programs and techniques that you might not even know about.
Here you can find simple and elegant solutions for complex problems.
The blog is in TOP-10 blogs according to Yandex's version on Authority, and is one of the three most popular offline blogs.

The site is visited daily by 70 thousand people, and 30 thousand people reads a subscription blog.


A selection of DIY video tutorials.
Sometimes it's easier to make it yourself than to buy it.

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