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How to fix

Setup of all home hard and soft
Help in setting up home technical equipment.

Assistance in setting up home technical equipment or software.

Problems with the Internet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, computer, smartphone or TV.

Once it is easy. You just need to know something or find out.

However, if you do not do it yourself, you can call the wizard on the site.
The truth is not the fact that the master is in your city.

iFixit -
How to fix?

Free repair manual for everything written by everyone.
As it becomes immediately clear, here basically help those who want to repair their own gadgets. Also help to repair the car.
Help before information. But if you still do not understand, there is a forum here, very opportunely.

By the way, I did not find my HTC One M7, there are M8 and M9.
Portal of household appliances.

Portal of household appliances.

Long gone are the days when all the housework was done manually.
Household appliances have become our reliable assistant in housekeeping.
Tireless electric "workers" help to cook, wash clothes, wash dishes, clean up and clean, making life easier for us.

However, for homework to go on and move without interruption, it is important to choose the right devices, paying attention to power, speed, functionality, number of modes and other operational characteristics.

The portal is dedicated to all these issues. How to avoid common mistakes when buying this or that equipment, how to use it, which models are considered the best, how to find the cause of a breakdown and repair the device with your own hands.

Provides comprehensive information on all types of technology: both small and large, both budget and expensive, both domestic and foreign.

Comfort your home in your hands.

Comfort your home in your hands.
This is how a site defines itself, that is, a site about a house and how to maintain it with your own hands.
Articles, advice, reviews, ratings.

All sorts of articles

  1. Wardrobe
  2. Video,
  3. Cleaning,

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