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ThrowAwayMail -
Visit the site and we get a generated mail address for us, which will lives for 2 days.

Ontext -
Quick message.

Service for fast messages.

What you can do

  • Publish an arbitrary volume of text in the minimal layout
  • Overcome the ICQ or other messenger's limit on the size of the transferred information
  • Save the data to the Web, hiding it with a password
  • Launch the simplest blog with the RSS channel
  • Access the saved data from anywhere on Internet or using a mobile phone

How to use the service?

For publication, just fill in the contents of the field 'Text' and click on the 'Get link' button. The 'Header' field that is left blank is filled automatically with the first words of the saved text. HTML tags are ignored in the design of the text, and for formatting the texts you must first register and authorize on the site.

If the 'Hide password' field is left blank - the text will be available to all comers. If the field is filled, the content will become private.

Users can view stored materials (closed - if there is a password), export to .txt format, print from a special version or send a link to a friend.

Texts can be sorted in chronological order or by the number of views.

The text of the authorized user can be automatically signed, and also identified by the author's name - for this, it is necessary to fill in the appropriate fields in the profile.

After authorization, the simplest tools for stylistic processing of texts are available. It is possible to add text from a finished .txt file.

Startpage -
Google search engine output is used.

Google search engine output is used.
Feature - unlike Google, this intermediary does not fix yfoi IP-address and allows you to remain anonymous.

Qwant -
A private searcher from France.

A private searcher from France.

It has three options:

  1. Classic View (basic),
  2. List (as close as possible to the familiar interface of the existing search engines),
  3. Mosaic View.
Information entered by the user in the search box is divided into five categories:
  1. internet sites (Web),
  2. news (News),
  3. social networks (Social),
  4. maximum reference information (Qnowledge Graph),
  5. marketing where to buy this product (Shopping).
  6. In addition, Qwant offers on demand display of images and videos (Media tab), and a special mode (People) dedicated to find people or organisations in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Myspace.

Yandex ID
Yandex ID personal account allows you to work with your data.

Yandex ID personal account allows you to work with your data. -
When logging in you will be sent a code by SMS to your phone, you will need to enter it.
That is, you can request the archive with the information accumulated about you by Yandex.
It will be necessary to wait some days, then they will inform.

There is an opportunity to delete selectively or completely your data.

The archive includes information from more than 50 services Yandex.
You can now delete data from Alice, Yandex.Music, Yandex.Mail, Yandex.Messenger, Yandex.Station, and other services. -
Fast coded message.

Fast coded message. Link with a password.

How it works?

  1. Entering the link,
  2. Entering the password,
  3. Entering the correct answer, you can still the correct answer,
  4. You are given a generated link, which without a password is not o

Talk to me
Anonymous chat.

Service of anonymous chats.
Very simple, come in, click Start a chat, write a message and send to the Internet.

Chameleon - Anonymizer
Free anonymizer.

Free anonymizer.
The site is a proxy server with a web interface. It replaces your IP address, giving you the option of anonymous surfing.

Mailinator -
Quick temporary mail facility.

Quick temporary mail facility that is easy to use and very practical. Use a mailinator address instead of your own for any website that needs an email address. Email auto-deletes, avoid spam, use for QA testing.

JustPaste.It -
A simple way to share messages.

Need to quickly report something, but you do not want to shine your contacts?

A simple editor without registering, typing or inserting, editing, you can insert pictures, in short, as a letter in the e-mail, only there is no registration, just write and get a link, which you can then share.

Bypass site.

The site is understandable and explains in sufficient detail the ways of circumventing the blocking of the site, depending on the browser that you are using.

Personal account allows you to work with your data.

Anonimizer Mail.Ru -
Messages sent to this address will be delivered to your main mailbox but the associated email address will remain hidden.

We can create an additional mail address that simply becomes a folder in our mail, which you can always simply delete.
The folder can be easily renamed, moved.

You can create anonymous mail only if your phone number is attached to your mailbox. This can be done in personal data.

That is, there is no need to protect your address, start mail somewhere else and jump over accounts and then delete unnecessary.

Here all this is easier and more convenient, we still go to the same mail.

In fact, the following is achieved: the mail arrives at your usual address, only your address is hidden.

You can get to the Anonymizer by the suggested link or

  1. click in the upper right corner on the arrow after our email address,

  2. Click mail settings,

  3. On the left side of the menu, select Anonymizer.

Support — Google -
Right 'to be forgotten'

All that we do on Internet, remains on Internet. A person can do stupid things and grow up.
But these stupidities are still on Internet and they are evaluated by new acquaintances, employers.

How to break free of the clutches of the past?

In Europe and Russia, Google clear the history of the person in extradition, at his request.

By the way, in the UK the first rushed to clean their history of pedophiles.

We also have a similar law.

YaCy -
Peering search.

YaCy (English Yet another Cyberspace is another cyberspace, consonant with the English Ya see - yes, I understood).

This is a peer-to-peer network, without the use of servers, like Torrent.
Such a network can not be tracked and calculated.

The principle is that everyone puts a program in their hands and becomes a member of the network, where each participant indexes and shares his Internet research. So everything is indexed and the common base is collected. -
A quick texts publishing platform.

A platform for publishing fast texts.

It is not easier.

How it works

  1. Go to site,
  2. enter Title, Author and Text,
  3. can I paste links to Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter?
  4. click on Publish.
  5. Copy the link.
No registration, nothing, no extra body movements.
Just share this link with the person you want to share this text (article) with.

TorLook -
Easy to use and fast torrent search engine.

Fast torrent search engine among Russian and foreign trackers.
The search for torrents is fast, there is a tool for sorting and filtering results.
Find and download torrent, where allowed, you can free of charge without registration.

DuckDuckGo -
Wikia search engine.

Unlike Google and Yandex, DuckDuckGo does not store information about your requests either in your computer or on your server.

In addition, DuckDuckGo works on a secure HTTPS protocol, So that curious sniffers do not recognize your traffic. On the outcome of the issue, DuckDuckGo will send you to the version of the site with an encrypted page (if there is one).

After Snowden's scandal with total Internet control, this search engine jumped in popularity and is actively developing. -
The largest database of open proxy servers. The base is constantly updated.

The largest database of open proxy servers. The base is constantly updated.
Only pre-checked proxies are included in the main lists.
For each IP-address, you specify the country, the time of loading a small test page, the last validation date for the operation, the host name of the IP.
The proxy type (HTTP, HTTPS or SOCKS) and anonymity are indicated (NOA - non-anonymous, transparent proxy, ANM - anonymous proxy and HIA - high-anonymous or elite).

JonDo -
Internet Anonymizer.

Internet Anonymizer.
Software to ensure the anonymity of the Internet connection.

The use of this class of software protects the user's actions on the Internet from third-party surveillance (Internet provider, wireless network hackers, advertising services and websites). The technology used by developers JonDonym/AN.ON is based on the principle of multiple (multilevel) coding, distribution and processing. The technology is certified by a number of German organizations on information security issues, including the German Privacy Foundation e.V.

The main ATTENTION developers focused on achieving usability and ease of use. Using JonDos JonDo with Internet Explorer is somewhat difficult. When using an anonymizer, the connection speed naturally drops by 25-30 percent.

As a bonus: if you have limited access to a certain list of sites, for example to e-mail or social networks, you can use special anonymizer services to access them. However, in some cases, system administrators are sufficiently foreseeable and access to known anonymizers is also limited. In this case, the search for an unlocked anonymizer can take quite some time.

Software works with almost all operating systems: Windows 98 - Windows 7, Mac OS X (all versions), Linux. You use Mozilla Firefox, installation and disguise will be especially simple when using the JonDoFox add-on.

Presearch -
Open decentralized search engine.

An open decentralized search engine.
Search is built on blockchain technology by one of the leaders of this technology, Etherium.

This technology firstly ensures guaranteed user anonymity.
In addition, the system rewards participants with token discoverers for their use, contribution and promotion of the platform.

The goal, to end Google's dominance in the world. The fact is that Google is not perfect, but it is the gateway to the Internet for almost the entire world. We believe that the Internet is exactly as Google paints it for us.

Presearch wants to present a more real picture of the Internet, a more transparent algorithm.
Bypass site.

Picidae - bypass the site blocking.

  1. We go to the site,
  2. enter the URL of the blocked site,
  3. we use, but the address of the site will be different.

Fakena -
A single profile.

This site is simpler, will fit when you do not care which legend to choose.

Click and get the name, date of birth, social security number, address, phone number, unique username and password.
And even a temporary email, it will be a link, click and we are in our mailbox.

We used it for a site that requires such detailed information, and then throw it away without leaving any marks on the network.

Fake Name Generator -
Personal data.

Generator of a fake name.
We want to register on the site, but we do not want to shine. From what it suddenly?
On state services another matter.
But an incomprehensible site requires registration.
And what name to come up with? And then there's the city, the address ... it would be necessary something plausible, but I do not want to think so.

We go to the site, choose the language, the country (although Russia did not find it, but there is Russian).
In two accounts we are blinded by a legend. We take the prepositional material and forward to register, let them swallow.

Omegle -
Anonymous chat. Very simply, we enter and chat ...

Anonymous chat room.

How it works

  • Choose a language if English is not suitable.
  • Point out the topics so that all participants understand the essence of the conversation and can participate.
  • If you are in college, please provide an email, confirm and be able to communicate with other students (no one will see your email).
  • Click Text or Video. You can simply ignore all previous items.



Proxy Unblocker -


Anonymous social network. Communication without a name and gender, you can open your data if necessary.

Alcoholism in the media.
Little toss, it is necessary to change life.
This site is a kind of help in the second stage of liberation from alcoholism.

Ello -
The new global, commercial-free, with the possibility of using pseudonyms.

Anonymouse -
Lovely proxy site that hides our IP on Internet.

Proxify -
Lovely proxy site that hides our IP on Internet.


Hide My Ass -
The most popular proxy site that hides our IP on Internet.

The most popular proxy site that hides our IP on Internet.

The easiest way to write short text notes in the browser.

The easiest way to write short text notes in the browser.

HTML Mail -
Send formatted mail to anyone, anonymously.

Send formatted mail to anyone, anonymously.


Yet Another
Creates an anonymous chat (changes the nickname to an artificial chat).

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